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    Big Benjamin Faces- Nolan Eing

  2. 2012’s Austin World’s Fair Hair Show

    Congrats to our models who booked the 2012 Austin World’s Fair Show this weekend :)

  3. The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.
    — Frank Loyd Wright
  4. NATVA - Los Angeles

    This Sun, Chic Models will be @ L.A. Live to cheer our models on as they kill the runway. Pictures coming soon :)

  5. There is more to life than increasing its speed.
    — Mahatma Ghandi
  6. “Bienvenido a Mexico.” By Model Vanessa G. (Florida)

    Another stamp in my passport.

    I don’t know how much Mexican culture I actually absorbed a couple weeks ago in Cancun staying at a tourist all-inclusive resort. What I do know is: I had an amazing four days in the Mexican sunshine. Actually, to be fair, only about two days were spent in the sun, but the time spent inside trumped the excitement of the pool because the L’Oreal Matrix team is just that awesome.

    Once Lauren & I got through passport control in the Cancun airport and found Daniel Roldan and Nate Rosenkranz milling around the baggage claim, we were off the find the Regis shuttle. Upon arrival at Live – Aqua, the fun really began. While we all waited for our rooms to be ready, most of the Matrix team could be found in one of the resort’s beautiful Infinity pools drinking dirty monkeys, reapplying sunscreen like it was going out of style or body surfing in the Gulf of Mexico. The sun was shining, the water temperature was perfect, the waves were raging and everyone was having a good time.

    By 5p, it was time to get to work. Freshly showered and ready for business, the Matrix team and Lauren, Chelsea, Kasey and I met up in the convention center for model call.  The sun was setting over the Gulf outside while we picked the final models for the show, reviewed Monday’s schedule and covered all the last minute details before the official welcome buffet dinner and cocktail reception.

    Prep day was a blur, as always. Hours on end were spent in the model prep room with the smell of hair color and the sound of hair dryers everywhere. The highlight of the day had to be when Daniel & Fabien Cisneros put me in a shower cap and sent me outside into the super hot Mexican sun with color on my roots. Since we needed heat to help my roots process faster, it was creativity at it’s best.

    Aside from the temperature in the room, rehearsals went amazingly well. Everyone, models included, had way too much fun learning the “I Get a Good Feeling Dance”. And as far as I know, all of us are still running around breaking into step every time the song comes on the radio.

    After we were released for the day, it was gym time for me. I was joined in the workout center with Ammon Carver, Colin and Donald. Then Rod Novoa & I left the resort and headed across the street to a shopping center in search of real Mexican food. I don’t know how authentic the food really was, since the menu was in English, but we loved every bite of it regardless! The margaritas were definitely authentic!

    Show day started bright and early… Six am came way too fast for me, since I had to be up before the sun. But, my friend at the coffee bar upstairs from the prep room was with me all day long making American coffees with a little cream and one splenda. By the end of our trip, he knew me by name & had my coffees waiting for me!

    The morning show was mainly on stage demonstration, and only three models had to be in the prep room. Around lunch time, all the other models joined us, and we started getting ready for the runway show that would end the day.  The stylists, make up artist, and Rod worked until the moment before the show began getting us ready for the presentation runway show.

    From everything I had heard, it was a great runway show. The audience was cheering, clapping and smiling throughout its entirety.  And afterwards, models and the Matrix team led a procession of drummers and Brazilian dancers followed by all the stylists in attendance down to the beach where a buffet dinner and live band kept the party going until 10pm.

    I know a lot of people had to drag themselves out of bed Wednesday morning to get to the airport on time, but I’m pretty sure everyone enjoyed the entire trip. I know I did. Lauren & I were sad to go Wednesday afternoon when we piled into the shuttle that took us back to the Cancun airport. But we took the best of Cancun with us: Great hair, unforgettable memories, new friends, and amazing tequila!

  7. ***OUR MAY 2011 WINNER IS…***

    Congradulations to Anna Easteden for being May’s Winner in our website contest.

    She won by simply commenting us on Facebook www.facebook.com/chicmodels, mentioning us on twitter @chicmodelsla, or reposting on tumblr www.chicmodelsla.tumblr.com

    ***HAPPY SPRING***

  8. Premiere Orlando Show - Mark your calendars

    Hi Everyone,

    Please visit the Calendar section of www.chicmodels.com for future events!

    Event: Orlando Premiere Show
    Location:  Orange County Convention Center
    Prep & Show Dates: Fri-Mon. 6/3 - 6/6
    (You do NOT have to be available for all days)

    Audition: TBA
    Rates: TBA

    If interested, please email submissions to faces@chicmodels.com.

    Thanks =) 


    Must be open to cut & color within your limitations.

    Males: 6’0 & Taller. Ages 18-28. Up to Suit Size 42L
    No weaves, extensions, or relaxers & must have at least 4 inches of hair.

    Females: 5’8 and Taller, Ages: 18-28, Dress Size:0-4
    No weaves, extensions, or relaxers & must have at least 4 inches of hair


    Audition: Sat. 5/14
    Prep Day: Sat. 5/14 (Right after audition)
    Show Dates: Sun 5/15 and/or Mon. 5/16
    Pay Rate: $750.00 - $1,500.00
    Depending on days worked and role in show.

    If interested, please email submissions to faces@chicmodels.com

    Thanks =) 


    Must be open for cut & color within your limitations
    Females: 5’7 plus, ages: 18-28, dress size: 0-6
    No weaves & hair extensions & relaxers & at least 4 inches of hair
    Audition: Sat. 4/16 @ 8:30a.m.
    Prep. day: Sat. 4/16 (RIGHT AFTER THE AUDITION)
    Show day: Sun. and or Mon. 4/17 and or 4/18
    Rate: $333.00 - $541.00 - 20% agency fee
    Fun job & good $$$

    ***PLEASE CALL US @562.433.8097***

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    Congradulations to Wanda Acuna for being our 1st Winner in our website contest.

    You too, can be a winner by simply commenting us on Facebook www.facebook.com/chicmodels, mentioning us on twitter @chicmodelsla, or reposting on tumblr www.chicmodelsla.tumblr.com

    Our next drawing will take place between May 1 2011 - May 15 2011

  12. ABS Chicago 2011 - Vidal Sassoon

    Model Joanna Bielecki

  13. Model Nikiva Dionne. Hair Extensions Photoshoot with West Bay.
For more info, please visit: http://www.westbayinc.com/

    Model Nikiva Dionne. Hair Extensions Photoshoot with West Bay.

    For more info, please visit: http://www.westbayinc.com/

  14. ABS Chicago 2011 - Goldwell

    Model Adriana Moldozan

  15. Had a 360 degree hair transformation from curly dark brown to crimped dark golden and loved every minute of it!. Long Beach’s Goldwell Color Zoom 11 runway show was a blast to do and I got to mingle with my fellow Chic Models. Thank you for the experience.

    Brenda Olivas

    Brenda Olivas